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Every organization can benefit from backup solutions, whether it is required for compliance purposes or simply for data retention.

Data is copied and archived in a separate location to protect from data deletion or corruption. This process can be automatic based on criteria from the organization or compliance regulators to certify maximum protection.

Schedule a consultation to evaluate the best backup solution for your organization.

Fulfills compliance requirements
Protects data in the case of human error or a system crash
Cloud or local storage
Storage with Sector 7 guarantees maximum protection


Phones - Sector 7 LLC - Detroit Michigan IT MSP
Phones - Sector 7 LLC - Detroit Michigan IT MSP
Phones - Sector 7 LLC - Detroit Michigan IT MSP




Enables the ability to notify a group of phone(s) when a user dials a specific number.


You can now choose to have your pages recorded and when you hang up have it send the audio file to all the devices that are part of the page group. You can also tell the system to only use Valet if someone dials the page group and it is in use already.


You can now have the page group whether normal or valet style play a recorded message to all participants of the page group before the pager can start speaking.


Define custom schedules to have the system page a group of devices and play a recording. This is a great replacement for school bell systems or lunch break buzzers.



No need to download a client. Access iSymphony in your browser. Support for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


Display statistics on your queues and agents. Create a custom dashboard to display the information you need how you want to see it.


See your voicemails! You can play your voicemail through iSymphony or on your phone.


Create multiple dashboards each with their own layout and widgets you choose.

Queues Pro


Allow callers to optionally hang up their call and have the queue hold their position in line, saving them time and frustration. The system will automatically call the person back and transfer the call to an agent when the held position is considered the next in line.


Have the system call different agents based upon how long a caller has waited in the queue. For example, the queue might be set to try agents with a penalty of 0-3 for the first 30 seconds, then try agents with a penalty of 2-5 for the next minute.


A virtual queue allows you to change the settings of a queue before a call is routed to the queue. This reduces the need for agents to log into multiple queues. A virtual queue can affect settings including:


  • Expanded Queue Destination Controls
    The standard queue module only allows you to send unanswered calls to a single destination, regardless of why the call was not answered. Queues Plus gives you the ability to set different destinations for different types of unanswered calls.


  • Post Hangup Destinations
    Queues Plus adds the ability to route both the agent and the caller to any destination after hangup of a queue call.

Appointment Reminder

Appointment Reminder is a unique way to automate appointment confirmations, cancellations and reschedules. By simply specifying numbers and names to be called your PBX will automatically call at specified times and allow recipients to confirm / cancel / reschedule appointments. The module gives you the flexibility to control all details of the calls from rate limiting to retry attempts and days ahead to notify of an appointment. You have the ability to simply load a CSV list of numbers to call, or even add numbers and names manually. On the fly modifications can be made to any Appointment Reminder list to allow for total flexibility.


Upgraded Call Center Features

No more endless dialing! For businesses who are regularly calling potential clients, let the system work for you. This add-on feature generates phone calls from an Excel document, and immediately transfers the answered calls to a person in your office to make the sale. Eliminate wasted time and effort by speaking only to the contacts who answer your call.

Integrate With Your Desktop

Utilizing this add-on feature allows users to make/receive calls, text messages, or faxes right from their desktop or laptop. Users can click numbers in a web browser to place a call from their desktop phone. As a call comes in, your sales staff receives information about the caller on their desktop to give contacts the best possible experience.


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Server Support - Sector 7 LLC - Detroit Michigan IT MSP

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