Sector 7 offers a local phone (SIP) service that allows us to easily reduce costs and simplify your IT management by combining voice and Internet access over a single Internet connection using your existing IP PBX system or a PBX that Sector 7 provides.

SIP phone services allow for business-grade quality phones, with clear voice quality while on the phone with clients, vendors, and coworkers. Sector 7’s SIP phone services also support other forms of communications such as video conferences and instant messaging. With SIP phone services, all you need is an internet connection to make calls anywhere in the world.

With Sector 7, your phone system will be worry-free. We offer VOIP, SIP, & PBX business phone systems With an extensive selection of Sangoma and Yealink phones, and comprehensive on-site training, Sector 7’s managed phones will guarantee your success. Let us take care of your phones so you can take care of your business. 

Schedule a consultation with one of Sector 7’s expert consultants to see how SIP phone service can benefit you.


White Page Directory Listing for company name, address, and telephone number

Simple forwarding number service from one DID to another—on-net or off-net

In-person training & personalized user guide

24/7 tech support



Audio Conferencing

Company audio conferencing services.

Auto Attendant

Automated receptionist for inbound call routing.

Growth Reserved Number

Spare telephone numbers allocated for future growth.

Toll Free Numbers

Inbound-only toll-free service for 800, 866, 877, and 888 numbers. Vanity toll-free numbers are available.