IT and computer network maintenance issues can be unpredictable and have devastating effects on small businesses, resulting in downtime and lost data, hurting your profitability.

Sector 7 prides itself on genuine, helpful service. All service requests will reach a real person, no matter the time of day. Whether you need phone support, live chat, or an on-site visit, our technicians are ready to troubleshoot your issues. Our technicians live and work locally in Michigan, ensuring a swift response and timely on-site scheduling. Utilizing remote monitoring and management software allows our attentive staff to reduce or eliminate downtime for your organization.


System consultation & survey

Configuration & Installation (includes cabling)

In-person training & personalized user guide

24/7 tech support




Enables the ability to notify a group of phone(s) when a user dials a specific number.


Enables the ability to notify a group of phone(s) when a user dials a specific number.

Queues Pro

Allow callers to optionally hang up their call and have the queue hold their position in line, saving them time and frustration. The system will automatically call the person back and transfer the call to an agent when the held position is considered the next in line.

Appointment Reminder

Generate a list of names and numbers by entering them manually or upload a CSV file.


Upgraded Call Center Features

No more endless dialing! For businesses who are regularly calling potential clients, let the system work for you. This add-on feature generates phone calls from an Excel document, and immediately transfers the answered calls to a person in your office to make the sale. Eliminate wasted time and effort by speaking only to the contacts who answer your call.

Integrate With Your Desktop

Utilizing this add-on feature allows users to make/receive calls, text messages, or faxes right from their desktop or laptop. Users can click numbers in a web browser to place a call from their desktop phone. As a call comes in, your sales staff receives information about the caller on their desktop to give contacts the best possible experience.