Having a data backup is crucial for your company’s performance. Every organization can benefit from backup solutions, whether it is required for compliance purposes or simply for data retention. Data loss can be devastating to your business. Your revenue, productivity, and reputation can be negatively affected, or you could be in breech of compliance regulations. Without a reliable backup solution, repairing the damage from data loss can be expensive and time consuming.

With Sector 7’s backup solutions, data is copied and archived in a separate location to protect from data deletion or corruption. This process can be automatic based on criteria from the organization or compliance regulators to certify maximum protection. This ensures your data stored securely and can be reinstated conveniently in case of user errors, server crashes, malware, or natural disasters.

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Fulfills compliance requirements

Protects data in the case of human error or a system crash

Cloud or local storage

Storage with Sector 7 guarantees maximum protection